Bodywork as a Meditative Dance

"Ohashiatsu is a meditative dance," says Ohashi. The practitioner moves about the partner's body with ease and grace, in a seamless flow, without effort. The secret lies in special movement patterns that are based on ancient Asian knowledge and wisdom.

By using these techniques we not only help our clients to feel better, we also balance our own energy to feel refreshed and energetic after a session.

In this 5-week workshop series you will learn step by step the principles that make Ohashiatsu a meditative dance. They are fundamental, so you can be applied in any form of body work and even in daily life.

These are the topics of our 5 lessons:

  • #1 Leaning
  • #2 Crawling
  • #3 Cross-Patterning
  • #4 Moving from Hara
  • #5 Continuity

Each of these units includes physical exercises, meditation, theory and live coaching. You will receive video material to practice with during the week and stay in touch for exchange and feedback via a closed Facebook group.

How it works:

  • Once a week you will receive training videos with detailed demonstrations.
  • Find a partner to practice with during the week.
  • We’ll meet every Thursday live on Zoom, where you get direct feedback on your practice and where the next topic is presented.
  • You will be invited to a Facebook group where you can post short videos and ask questions. Through the continuous exchange with your colleagues and with your trainer, you will continue to learn between the weekly sessions.
  • It is highly recommended to attend all Zoom sessions. However, you will receive the recordings of the live sessions afterwards, so you can also follow if you miss a session.

The course is particularly recommended for professional Shiatsu therapists, but is also an ideal introduction to Shiatsu beginners and all forms of body work.

Attention: This course is taught in English, but the video material is bilingual - German and English.