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The last few months have been a great challenge for all of us, but especially for contact disciplines like Ohashiatsu. Maybe your clients stayed away and you gave less or no sessions during that time? It wouldn't be surprising if you feel less confident in your practice or your techniques got a bit rusty. But even if you have practiced continuously, you may feel like you need a little boost or come back to learn in a real class situation.

In this 2-day workshop we will review a variety of techniques, paying particular attention to the basic Ohashiatsu principles. I will offer variations for any course level to make sure everybody can follow, and we'll also incorporate your individual wishes and questions. So it will be a workshop that is tailored to the skills of the participants.

Your body memory will remember the beautiful flow of the Ohashiatsu movements, the deep touch, connection and feeling, and you will find your way back to the ease and joy of your work.

Physical touch is a basic human need that has been greatly compromised lately. Our work is extremely important now! So let us touch again - with responsibility, respect and care.

This course is for all Ohashiatsu course levels and participants of previous Ohashiatsu workshops.
A 3-G certificate is required.
Course size is limited to 6 students!